RegTest - Free Registry Testing

RegTest is a program which will allow you to test the effectiveness of your registry protection. RegTest simulates malicious software which infect computers all around the world millions of times a day. RegTest will not harm your computer like malicious software would however, but will allow you to see some of the techniques advanced spyware, viruses and trojans use to infect your system without any harm.

RegTest works on all Windows versions

The registry can be misused by malicious software so it is essential you have some protection for it. RegDefend protects against all attacks shown in this RegTest demonstration.

RegTest performs 2 series of tests which effectively determines how good your registry protections are.

Test 1 - This test works by modifying several autostart values in the registry then quickly rewriting the original contents. This test will determine whether or not the registry protection you have is quick enough to catch the change. If it is not then the fact is your registry can be modified without you knowing. Most registry programs simply poll/read the registry every few seconds which means they will never catch everything which is written. This can be abused by malware which simply keeps rewriting itself to the registry so that you every time your machine starts up, the worm/virus/trojan will start also. If your registry protection program is successful all registry items shown will not be able to be modified.

Test 2 - This test works by attempting to write itself to various autostart locations in the registry. It will then simulate a shutdown to show that it will appear the next time your machine starts. If the test fails to shutdown your computer, then manually shut it down to see the results for the next boot. If this test is successful after the reboot you should receive various messages stating that this test indeed managed to start itself on the next reboot. If the test is successful you are vulnerable to being infected with something which will continually start itself on your system. If your registry protection programs detects the changes AFTER the registry tester starts then it has failed. If this test can get itself to start up again next boot, what is stopping a malicious software doing the same thing?

RegTest Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Download RegTest

Version: 1.000
Size: 460KB

RegTest is completely free for personal and corporate use

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