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AppDefend is a protection system for Windows, saving you from zero day exploits and other hacker activity. It uses advanced technologies not found in any other software.

It works by intercepting privileged actions and lets you decide whether they should occur or not.

AppDefend was CREATED from the outset with performance in mind, from the size of the installer (barely a megabyte) to the clean and resource friendly interface. Download and install AppDefend today and start protecting you and your family from online predators, the minimum it will cost you is a little time as there is a free version.

AppDefend is a component of the unified Ghost Security Suite and runs on Windows XP, XP64, 2000, 2003

AppDefend Features

AppDefend adds a significant number of different and valuable protections to your computer. With AppDefend installed you have complete control over priviledged actions occuring on your computer.

  • Network Access
  • Rootkit Installations
  • Blocks all leaktests
  • Process Creation/Execution/Modification
  • Thread and Process termination
  • Thread Context Changing
  • Direct Physical Memory Access
  • Global Hooking (keyloggers)
  • Remote Thread Creation
  • Thread and Process Suspension

Malicious software uses at LEAST two of the above items to run and infect your system, some even use all of them. When a virus, trojan, worm, spyware, adware, etc runs on your system, AppDefend will alert you to it.

AppDefend Screenshots
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Download AppDefend

Version: 1.00 (32-bit)
Size: 1.09MB

Version: 1.00 (64-bit)

Size: 1.09MB

AppDefend starts off as a full trial version which turns into a free limited version after 14 days. At any time you can purchase AppDefend and uprade it to the full version.

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Real customer opinions!

"I must admit I rarely buy software these days - I just stick to the free versions, but after seeing the great work in GhostWall I tried your other products and was introduced to a whole new world of security software. All of your applications will have a spot on our family computers, thanks again."
John W. - Texas, USA

"GhostWall is an excellent light weight firewall, perfect for my needs - Thank you!"
Holly K. - Australia

"Thank you for making AppDefend and RegDefend, I have finally been able to remove a lot of other "security" software. Now my system is much more responsive, and the irony is I am more secure than before. Free lifetime upgrades of your products is also another great benefit. I am recommending AppDefend/RegDefend to all of my customers."
Jared C. - IT Technician - Ohio, USA