Ghost3DTweak - A free 3D graphics performance tweak

Ghost3DTweak allows you to increase the performance of your favourite Direct3D programs, in a similar way to what NVIDIA and ATI do with driver optimizations only with a lot more force and power. Now you can control the amount of optimization present in games you run.

Ghost3DTweak only works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Ghost3DTweak can reduce the amount of 3D primitives which a program wants the graphics card to display. This in turn means your graphics card has to do less work and can run the program faster. However since not everything is displayed there can be noticable graphics artifacts introduced. Playing with the values in Ghost3DTWeak will however, allow you to reduce the amount of glitches to an acceptable level whilst still increasing your performance.

What do the 2 numbers mean? The first number means how many 3D primitives to display before it goes to the second number which tells it how many 3D primitives NOT to draw. By default the two numbers are both set to 100. This means that 100 primitives will be shown, then 100 won't be shown. This sequence will repeat forever, ie 100 primitives will be shown, 100 won't be shown, 100 will be shown, 100 won't be shown, etc. If you set the second number to 50, it means that after 100 primitives are shown, 50 then won't be shown.

Ghost 3DTweak Questions

1. Can Ghost3DTweak damage my video card?
Since Ghost3DTweak reduces the amount of workload your graphics card receives it should be beneficial for your graphics card more than anything. However Ghost Security takes no responsibility for any damage which may occur through the use of this program.

2. Doesn't this allow people to cheat in benchmarks?
Ghost3DTweak will increase your score in most current graphics card based benchmarks, however we do not condone the use of doing so. Whilst there is no harm in using Ghost3DTweak with a benchmark just as a test on your system, publishing the results (without saying you cheated to achieve them) to others DOES harm the community as a whole and we STRICTLY advise against the use of Ghost3DTweak in this manner!

3. When I play 3D games the screen is just black/blank if I use Ghost3DTweak. What do I do?
Increase the amount of "displayed primitives" (the first edit box in the program). By default it is at 100. Increase that to 200 and try again. If you find you are stuck at a black screen, try pressing ESCAPE or ALT+F4 to exit the program.

4. Does Ghost3DTweak "modify" files/processes on my system?
No. Ghost3DTweak works in a manner which keeps all the files on your system exactly the same, and does not modify any running processes. Ghost3DTweak affects your system as a whole by acting as a filter between the 3D application and the graphics driver.

Ghost 3DTweak Screenshot

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Download Ghost3DTweak

Version: 1.000
Size: 576KB

Ghost3DTweak is completely free for personal and corporate use

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